community easter eggs: #6 Streets Ahed

Back on 2010, Hulu made a “Best Of TV” poll, in which Community beat many popular shows and placed on the final four. Upset, @amyfairycakes tweeted to Dan Harmon: “both Modern Family and Glee are streets ahead of your meta bullshit”. After seeing the tweet, Harmon retweeted it and added “~ this tweet’s theme song:”, and kept on mocking @amyfairycakes for using that term., with witty puns, animated videos and ultimately, putting the term in one of his scripts. Trying to get back at Harmon, “Amy” noted that streets ahead is a term that’s “in common parlance in ireland & UK” and “not a wacky phrase I just conjured up.” Dan replied: “You’re telling me the only two words you put together that moved me aren’t yours? But aren’t you a writer? You said ‘meta.’”

I did not know this, and now I feel like a better person for having discovered this. Awesome Dan Harmon. Awesome.

(via communitythings)